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In-game economies in TF2 and Dota 2 (2014/1/16)

  • Many current micro transaction systems create unhappy customers. This trains them to not spend money (bad).
  • Valve wants users to make value for each other, and rewards players that make the most
  • It’s not a problem if players pay to win, but it is a problem if this makes it less fun for others
  • Valve recommends all items in a game to be tradable
  • Valve has a “Regret test”, if a user regrets using a feature/system it failed
  • (Image via @galyonkin) Valve’s recommendations on how to do economy in your game
  • 13% of TF2 players have bought at least one key, 75% of the players have at least one thing from a crate
  • Trading in a game is a way to monetize free players, they don’t pay but they still generate value
  • Over 90% of TF2 content is from the community
  • In the first week of 2014, $400K was paid out to content creators
  • 484,768 compendiums were sold during The International, which added an additional $1.2M to the prize pool
  • (Image via @Arminposts) TF2 stats: 17M accounts own items, 500M total items, 4B actions performed on items
  • (Image via @Rotondo) TF2 stats: 1,067,399 accounts have sent gifts, 1,841,051 accounts received gifts
  • Valve: “Making players happy == we make more money”
  • Valve rejects the premise that micro transactions come at the cost of user happiness


Embracing User-Generated Content (UGC)

  • UGC improves gaming experience, gives players a way to express themselves and opens up new opportunities for your game
  • UGC is what differentiates games from books and movies
  • A good example of UGC is DayZ, from which Arma gained a lot of sales
  • TF2 is the first game to use the workshop in 2011
  • You upload TF2 content, users rate it and top rated content gets reviewed by the TF2 team
  • (Image via @Arminposts) Skyrim Workshop stats: 19.5K pieces of UGC, 1.9M votes cast, 2.4M unique users, 81.8M downloads
  • CSGO Workshop stats: 4.7K community created maps, 20K weapon skins
  • Portal 2 Workshop stats: Over 381K maps created (mostly because of the easy to use map editor)
  • GMOD Workshops stats: Total of 250k UGC items
  • “User generated content is a vision of the game not restricted by the developer’s resources.”
  • “People are going to mod a successful game anyway, so it’s best to help them out and improve it for everyone.”
  • Dota 2 workshop launch did not decrease activity on the TF2 workshop, it actually increased the size of the modding community.


Steam Machines in 2014

  • Alienware’s Steam Machine will be launching in September. Intel Haswell and NVIDIA hardware
  • As of today, there are about 75 million active users on Steam
  • “They said there will certainly be experiences on Steam Machines that won’t be available anywhere else.” (Source)
  • Steam Controllers will be sold through Steam and retail
  • Valve wants to focus not only on gaming, but all things people want to do on a Steam Machine in the living room (Music, TV etc)
  • Every Steam Dev Days attendee gets a free Gigabyte Steam Machine (and a Steam Controller is in the goodie bag)

quoted from Steam DB Blog “Steam Dev Days: Day Two“, “Steam Dev Days: Day One


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